Mental Health Day memorial service

NORFOLK - World Mental Health Day is Thursday and Region 4 Behavioral Health System is inviting you to a memorial service to show respect for those who died with a mental illness.

Tommy Newcombe with Region 4 says they’ll read the names of 523 people that are buried at two cemeteries just outside Norfolk.

Newcombe says the people there died between 1899 and 1952 and most are unmarked graves.

He says there’s still a stigma and prejudice surrounding mental health and substance use challenges.

"I think it's a carryover from then and it's much better now. The idea that someone was morally wrong or needed to be hidden from light wasn't a good time in our history."

Newcombe says the service is set for Thursday at 2 at the cemetery on the corner of Benjamin Avenue and Highway 35 by the Northeast Community College Ag Complex.

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