Community Conversation

NORFOLK - Medical marijuana will be topic for discussion Monday night as the Norfolk Daily News, Calmwater Financial Group, and Northeast Community College host a “Community Conversation.”

Norfolk Daily News Editor Kent Warneke says the guest speakers for evening include Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln, Luke Niforatos the chief of staff and senior policy advisor at Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and Ally Dering-Anderson a clinical associate professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science at the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Pharmacy.

Warneke says the topic of medical marijuana is pertinent right now in the legislature.

"There's a bill this year LB 110 and it's currently in committee, which if passed, would allow marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. (The bill's) sponsors say that even if the legislature doesn't vote for it they will engage in a petition drive to try to place the issue on a ballot for an upcoming election."

It’s scheduled for Northeast Community College’s Cox Activities Center Theater, Monday night from 5:30 to 7.

In other news

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