Noxious Weeds along the river

MADISON - This coming summer, noxious weeds will need a way to be inspected along the Elkhorn River in Madison County.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday County Weed Superintendent Don Svitak asked the board what he should do.

Svitak said he and Chairman Ron Schmidt recently went to an auction and found a used amphibious ATV called an Argo.

"The used one was used, it was a 2006. For Argo's 2004 and older they don't make parts for them anymore so it was a question of how much life are we going to get out of it. We could buy a new bare-bones bottom of the line Argo for approximately $9,000. If you add a fan and tracks to it the cost would be around $11,000."     

Schmidt proposed using a drone to survey areas that would need attention, and if there are a lot of them they will most likely buy an Argo, if not then it would be pointless to buy one.

The commissioners and Svitak agreed to try the drone out.

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