Old Hadar Road

MADISON - There are still roads in pretty rough shape from the flood in Madison County including Old Hadar Road.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday, the board established a 40 mph speed limit on its part and no truck traffic on the south half of the road.

Sheriff Todd Volk said they will continue to monitor the road and enforce the speed limit restriction.

Chairman Ron Schmidt said he advises people not to swerve all over the road to avoid rough spots.

"I had a lady call me yesterday and she said we were traveling on the road at night and just about got hit head-on. A truck was going too fast along the road on the other side, saw flags signaling it was a little rough a swerved over and about hit us head-on."

Road Superintendent Dick Johnson said they could put up signs and have a 20 mph speed limit along big bumps.

The board also talked about how the Coolidge Bridge southeast of Norfolk has been seeing damage to it because of the high water levels.

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