Battle Creek Flood Control Project

MADISON - Flood control in Battle Creek was a topic of discussion at the Madison County Commissioners meeting Tuesday.

Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District General Manager Mike Sousek talked to the board about the proposed $36 million 1,200 acre reservoir located three miles south of Battle Creek.

Sousek asked the board for a letter of recommendation that would help in potentially securing grant funding for the project.

He said there would be numerous benefits with the reservoir.

"First and foremost would be flood control for Battle Creek. We would remove pretty much the whole town out of the 100 year floodplain. The other benefits from the NRD standpoint, we're always looking at developing more irrigation and then the third benefit would be recreation."

Eventually, Commissioner Troy Uhlir made a motion to write a letter of support in developing financial plans and planning for the reservoir.

It was approved 2 to 0 with Chairman Ron Schmidt abstaining since he has land nearby.

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