Chuck Grassley

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A key Senate ally of President Trump says Trump’s success squeezing Mexico with tariffs over migration may yet work with China on trade, if it hurts enough.

Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley who chairs the panel which handles trade and is no fan of tariffs, says President Trump’s tariff squeeze on Mexico could also work with China, as Trump claims.

"If the ‘hurts’ enough, they’re going to end tomorrow. I don’t know what that ‘hurt’ is, but if they report that they have five-and-two-tenths percent growth last quarter, but some people feel that the official statistics out of China are ‘cooked’…that there’s really only 2-percent growth…and those things get their attention."

The Senate Finance chair says a U.S.-China trade deal would go a long way to boosting global growth and jobs.

But Grassley says Chinese leaders need enlightenment. Until then, it’s about pressure and ‘horse trading’ to get talks up and moving again, as soon as a G20 summit later this month.

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