Cory Dittman

MADISON - A grand jury has been called to investigation the death of a Norfolk man.

According to a press release, District Judge Mark Johnson in Madison County has called for the grand jury to take place on June 18 to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of 47-year-old Cory Dittman.

Dittman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound that occurred during a standoff after he barricaded himself inside a Norfolk residence near Koenigstein Avenue Sunday morning after shooting 63-year-old Leone Randy Bussey multiple times.

According to state law a grand jury must be called when an individual had died while being apprehended by or while in the custody of a law enforcement officer or detention personnel.

Following the investigation of a grand jury, members will decide if charges should be filed in the case.

In other news

All attempts at fixing the property tax disaster in Nebraska have failed again.  Everyone seems to supports property tax cuts but fear their special program will not be funded is taxes are reduced.