Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN - Governor Pete Ricketts is going to continue pushing for property tax relief.

Ricketts tells News Talk WJAG the Legislature passed a number of key property tax relief bills including LB 103 which would automatically reduce levies of taxing entities as valuations increase.

He says they also passed LB 512 that allows damaged properties to get reassessed for property tax purposes and then taxed on the new valuation.

Significant damage must exceed 20 percent of the current assessed value though.

Ricketts says they won’t stop with short term solutions.

"What I hope to do is sit down with members of the revenue committee and talk about where we can find common ground on finding long term structural changes to property taxes without raising other taxes."

Ricketts says they also increased the property tax credit relief fund by $51 million for a total of $550 million in direct property tax relief to Nebraskans over the new two years.

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