Gov. Ricketts filling up with gas

LINCOLN - Last week, the Trump Administration lifted the summertime ban on the sale of E-15 making it able to be sold year round.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts tells News Talk WJAG he is very happy with the news.

Ricketts says it’s a big deal for Nebraska.

"We're the second biggest ethanol producing state in the country and it creates over 1,400 jobs in our small towns and rural communities across the state. When you go to the pump and fill up with E-15, you're going to be saving money because ethanol is cheaper and you're also going to be helping our farmers and ranchers as well as the environment."

Ricketts says they are already experimenting with E-30 by putting it in their state vehicles.

The ban had been in place since 2011 and President Trump had criticized it as “ridiculous.”

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