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NORFOLK - After two days of serious flooding in Norfolk and the surrounding area, things are starting to look promising.

Mayor Josh Moenning and Public Safety Director Shane Wiedner provided an update during a press conference Thursday.

Weidner says the water in the levee is still high, but is stable.

"Everything is flattened out on the forecast for the weather conditions and for the water flows that we're seeing upstream. That's a good sign. We're even seeing some (water levels) lowering, but just slightly at this point. This is a dynamic situation and there are a lot of things up stream that can affect to this."

Weidner added there isn’t an update to the missing person from Thursday morning as they’re still missing and City officials don’t have an identity.

Moenning said more than 1,000 residents have been displaced from their homes due to the flood waters.

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