Soybean Field

NORFOLK - The recent rains have put many farmers behind getting a crop in the ground.

Extension Educator for Burt County John Wilson says delayed planting always brings questions on what management changes should be made for the later planting date.

Wilson says in regards to soybeans, research has shown that farmers should stick with their regular maturity soybeans until around the middle of June.

"Changing to shorter maturity groups is not needed at this time because late planted soybeans will require fewer days to reach maturity than if the same variety was planted earlier. Because soybeans are photo-period sensitive, flowering and development will be triggered by day length, resulting in similar maturity among planting dates."

Wilson says if your planting is delayed past June 15, you may want to go with an earlier maturity group variety recommended for your area.

He adds as always be aware of crop insurance considerations and your options.

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