Distracted Driving

OMAHA - Drivers with advanced safety tech in their vehicles are taking more risks. That’s the message from State Farm in a newly completed survey.

Public Affairs and Brand Promotion Specialist, Kelly Pargett says the survey found that those who drive vehicles with Adaptive Cruise Control and/or Lane Keeping Assist admit to using their smart phones while driving at significantly higher rates than those without the car tech.

Pargett says the survey numbers are eye opening.

"We have found that 62 percent of people with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance read or send messages while driving versus only 49 percent without those features on their vehicle. We even found that more people are video chatting with people while they're driving with the safety features on their newer vehicles."

To minimize distracted driving Pargett encourages drivers to pull over if you need to use your phone, set your phone to send an automatic reply while you’re driving, and ask your passenger, if you have one, to make a call or text for you.

For more information or to see the survey results visit Newsroom. StateFarm.Com.

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