USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service

LINCOLN - If your farm fields are still moist from the flood and plethora of rain seen thereafter, you’re encouraged to apply as soon as possible, before the Friday deadline, for funding to plant cover crops.

Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Health Specialist Aaron Hird says they’re offering a special Environmental Quality Incentives Program sign up.

Hird says the Friday deadline is an extension of the June 21st sign up deadline announced in April.

He says there are farmers who have been waiting as long as they could to sign up hoping field conditions would improve.

"Maybe they were planning on planting a crop, but instead got a couple more rains and the field never dried out or another flood came and covered the field up again. Maybe they planned on having a dirt contractor come out, but the work never got done. With this funding farmers can at least plant something on their field."

Hird says planting a cover crop on flood impacted fields is important as they add organic matter and create pathways for air and water to move through the soil, which is key to restoring its health.

For more information, or to apply for the special EQIP funding, contact your local NRCS office.

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