Congressman Jeff Fortenberry at the nation’s Capitol

WASHINGTON - The partial United States government shutdown over border wall funding is now in its 27th day.

First District Congressman of Nebraska Jeff Fortenberry tells News Talk WJAG there’s no good solution at the moment, but hopes the shutdown and border security can get untangled quickly.

Fortenberry says although there is no solution, he supports President Donald Trump’s intense push for the right type of border security.

"That will include infrastructure, appropriate barriers, personnel, and technology. With that said, there used to be a bipartisan consensus around this, everyone used to believe that. Over time we have substantially increased border security and personnel and so it's a very peculiar moment where we are stuck and unable to find consensus around what is a fundamental principle of keeping America safe."           

President Trump has considered a national emergency, but there are a lot of complexities that go with it so Fortenberry says it would be better for the legislature to figure out.

Fortenberry says one potential solution is to look at old studies that point to areas of the border that are in need of physical barriers and use them as a basis for negotiations to break the bipartisan stagnation.

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