2019 Madison County Commissioners

MADISON - Continental in Norfolk will continue to get manufacturing help from a local family operation.

At the Madison County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday the board discussed a conditional use permit for Colby and Rebecca Svoboda to operate a family manufacturing business located at 83699 555th Avenue.

Bill Russell who helps out with the operation said they do numerous things for Continental.

"We don't make anything, we bring the hose out to our place, cut it to their specs, count it, package it, and take it back in. We just do minimal type things for them so it's not a noisy business and it's not a high traffic business. We go to the plant 2 to 3 times a week."

Russell said they used to do this job in Stanton, but are moving it to closer proximity to Continental due to their road being washed out.

The commissioners unanimously approved the conditional use permit.

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