NSP Twister

LINCOLN - A spectacular picture of a tornado behind a Nebraska State Patrol cruiser has won a very prestigious award.

The American Association of State Troopers presented the award for its “Best Looking Cruiser” contest to the Nebraska State Patrol Thursday.

The picture is featured in the AAST calendar on the front page and the month of January.

Trooper Clint Zost who took the photo said it has an ulterior meaning.

"As troopers we try to represent the agency very well and I think this goes to show that we're not just out there writing traffic tickets or taking people to jail, but we're also out there helping the public and saving a life. I had the opportunity that day to make sure the emergency sirens were activated and they did activate the sirens based on our notification that there was a tornado on the ground."

John Bagnardi with AAST said it’s such an amazing photo that everyone thought it was fake.

The Nebraska State Patrol is one of 13 other agencies featured in the calendar.

In other news

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