Phone Scam

OMAHA - In 2017, The Better Business Bureau received 150-thousand complaints from Americans about scams and they lost about $117 million dollars to these thieves.  

Nebraska BBB President and CEO Jim Hegarty says that number is likely ten-times higher because many people don't report being taken advantage of.

The BBB recently conducted a study that shows prize and sweepstakes are still the number one fraud and most victims are contacted through mail or phone calls. 

"Our studies shows that the majority of cold calls to people telling them that they won a large amount of money are coming from Jamaica. There's a massive amount of money flowing from elderly victims in the U.S. to that country. The explosion of fraud from Jamaica has resulted in an incredible amount of violence. Jamaica has about the same population as Chicago, but it had more twice the murder rate of Chicago last year." 

Hegarty says scammers now are turning to social media and text messaging to lure people into their trap.

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