The tale of twos

THE SCOREBOARD was filled with twos, and there were many other deuces at play for a moment when Norfolk Nucor Steel played at a tournament last weekend in Millard.

MILLARD — Besides rummy and some other card games, deuces rarely get to be this wild.

But last Sunday when the Norfolk Nucor Steel Seniors baseball team played at Millard, the scoreboard was filled with twos.

Kendra Juracek, whose son, Hunter Clouse, plays on the team, captured the left field scoreboard in a photo when there were two balls, two strikes and two outs in the second inning. Each team also had scored two runs.

That many twos doesn’t happen too often.

Even more unusual, Norfolk’s left fielder at the time, Colby Mrsny, who is in the photo, wears number 2. In addition, Dylan Rodgers was pitching. His number is 22.

Larry Juracek, who is married to Kendra and serves as an assistant coach, said the photo was posted on Facebook and has been getting a lot of attention.

Juracek said he didn’t even realize the sign on the fence at the time until Kendra pointed it out to him. The sign advertises for “Two Men and a Truck; Movers who Care.”

“Really strange,” Juracek said. “Twilight zone stuff.”

About the only thing missing? The Twins weren’t one of the teams playing.

In other news

Times are changing and the Norfolk Golden Girls under-18 softball team is changing with them. With the exception of its own tournament during the first week in June, the team spent its entire 2019 season on the road.