Wynot Village Office

The Wynot Village Board is a five-member entity but can operate with four members after a resignation last week. The village clerk also resigned last week, which contributed to a four-hour meeting on Wednesday night.

WYNOT — It’s business as usual in Wynot.

At least, that’s what acting chairman Greg Hite said at the regular monthly meeting on Wednesday night.

It was clear though during the four-hour public meeting, there were several items of housekeeping that needed to be addressed before the village carries on with business as usual.

Unfortunately, the Wynot Village Board will need to conduct business minus one member. Former chairman Ron Rolfes resigned last week, citing health reasons. And along with him, a resignation from his wife, Rose Rolfes, was also received by the board, citing the same reason.

Pivotal to this change in leadership may have been a letter from the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts dated Sept. 10, citing several of the village’s business dealings that may be suspect.

At Wednesday's meeting, Hite replied to those inquires with a no comment.

The letter from the auditor explained the process was intended to improve village’s operations so there would not be any loss of village funds. Several of the auditor’s comments were in response to village checks written with only one signature where two are required. In a couple cases, a check was made out to “Cash” and another with no payee.

Also, there were a number of funds that had a negative balance.

The Wynot board is a five-member entity but can operate with the remaining four members. Hite said the village may fill the empty position or could leave it vacant until the end of 2020 — when the current term expires.

He has accepted the role of acting chairman until the December meeting when the board appoints new officers.

The board has been reviewing policies and procedures and updating with new ordinances, following the money trail to be certain all bills and receipts have been correctly posted and received.

It will be a long and tedious process but the board members indicated that they will meet the challenge head on.

The full-time clerk/treasurer position held by Rose Rolfes has been split into two part-time positions, Hite added.

Michelle Kohler has been hired as the village treasurer and Crystal Lenzen has been assisting the village as village clerk until a new clerk has been hired. Interviews will begin next week.

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