Listed below is the 24-hour rainfall in inches as of 7 a.m. Monday in area communities.


Ainsworth 4.37 Gerry Osborn

Albion 0.22 Airport

Atkinson 2.40 Harold Frickel

Bancroft 1.77 Dennis Zavadil

Battle Creek 0.26 Mike Fleer

Beemer 0.75 Jake Ott

Belden 1.35 Cathy Huetig

Coleridge 1.26 Elroy Hefner

Creighton 2.25 Norman Doerr

Hadar, 1.25 miles north 1.00 John Carman

Howells 0.30 Pat Jakubowksi

Laurel 1.35 Verneal Gade

Leigh, 3½ miles north 0.40 Mike Kabes

Neligh 0.38 Richard Sanne

Norfolk, airport trace National Weather Service

Norfolk, north central 0.23 Walter Haase

Norfolk, Woodland Park 0.18 Jim Bahm

O’Neill 2.23 Airport

Pierce 1.12 Gary Zimmer

Randolph 1.20 Gail Bazata

Tilden 0.87 Duane Warneke

Valentine 1.10 Airport

Wayne 1.03 Airport

In other news

Talk is cheap. Aaron Gutz knew this and realized if residents there really wanted the idea of a Nebraska Community Foundation Affiliated Fund to be successful in Osmond, someone needed to put some skin in the game.