Youth archers take gold

Local youth archers took home gold medals at the IFAA World Bowhunter Championships recently. Brayden Lurz of Hoskins (from left), Bryce Lurz of Hoskins and Alexis Frye of Wayne pose with their medals.

Three young members of the Norfolk Archery Club attended a week-long outdoor archery shoot from Sept. 9-14 in the hills and bluffs around Lewis and Clark Lake in Yankton.

More than 20 countries were represented at the 2019 IFAA World Bowhunter Championships. This event is held every two years in different locations around the world using lifelike 3D animal targets in rough outdoor terrain. Contestants maneuvered through two different courses of targets over four days of shooting in rain, drizzle, mud and the hot sun.

Monday was the first day and consisted of equipment check in, registration and a welcoming ceremony. Tuesday and Wednesday started early with check in, practice and target assignments. Both days there were animal rounds where archers shot up to three arrows per target. Range officials were assigned to escort the cub shooters on the range. Rain and mud was all too familiar for the kids, but they managed to finish both long days.

Thursday morning when the kids went out on the range they got a surprise. The official that escorted them was Olympic gold medalist archer Rod White. The kids got to spend the whole day with him.

Friday was the last day of shooting, and it was a 3D standard round with only one arrow per target. This and the better weather made for a quicker day on the range. Saturday was the final day of the competition with closing ceremonies and awards. Archers from all over the world gathered together to wait for the results. Teams from Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Ireland and other countries assembled at tables. Italy received first, the U.S. had second and Austria was third.

All three kids attending from the Norfolk area brought home individual gold medals in the event. Alexis Frye won gold in cub female freestyle unlimited, Brayden Lurz won gold in cub male freestyle limited recurve, and Bryce Lurz won gold in cub male bowhunter compound.

Bryce Lurz was also informed that he had three new world records in the event. He received the new IFAA world cub compound bowhunter best score in the unmarked animal round, standard 3D round and hunter 3D round.

“Everyone was very excited to be involved in this competition. Just to be able to compete at this level and be surrounded by world class athletes is amazing,”  said coach Eric Frye  “The kids did a great job with the challenge, were able to meet lots of interesting people from around the world and also had a lot of fun.”

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