Healing through peace and tranquillity.

Faith Regional Health Services incorporated those elements by commissioning two gardens — the Bradford Spiritual Garden and the Virg and Betty Froehlich Family Garden — in 2010. The gardens are available to patients, visitors and employees for relaxation, reflection and meditation.

The Froehlich garden is located outside the hospital’s intensive care unit family waiting room and features a waterfall and stream.

The Bradford garden, located outside the first floor lobby of the bed tower, featured a labyrinth.

But now it offers even more.

Jim Bradford Jr. said he and his mother, JoAnn, felt like something was missing from the spiritual garden. They wanted to incorporate a water feature to add another element of peace and tranquillity. A fountain was suggested, but that didn’t seem like a good fit.

Bradford kept exploring possibilities until he visited Indra Unique Pond Designs of Clarkson. The company is owned by Dale and Laurie Indra.

“They’ve got the godzilla of ponds on their farm. It’s just gorgeous,” Bradford said during a gathering at the garden on Thursday. “I said, ‘I just have to have one of those.’ ”

Work began in May of this year, with the Indras putting in hours of work to add a waterfall, stream, pond and rocks.

“It’s very therapeutic,” Laurie Indra said. “There is spiritual healing with the water.”

The pond contains 16 koi fish, which also is calming.

“Watching the fish is a natural stress reliever,” she said. “When we put a pond in, we put it in like it’s going in our backyard.”

In addition, a fence was added to the spiritual garden, which allows access only from the inside of the building. The fence gate is locked from the outside to increase security at the hospital.

“The garden is named in honor of my parents,” Bradford added. “My mother is a deeply spiritual person. The garden and the new enhancements seemed like a perfect fit.”

The enhancements to the spiritual garden were completed in September.

“We just think it’s so fantastic,” said Jim Sinek, president and chief executive officer of Faith Regional. “It just uplifts our whole attitude. It’s an incredibly spiritual experience. It’s all part of the healing process.”

Sinek said without the partnership with the Bradford family, the opportunity to create the spiritual garden wouldn’t exist.

Bradford said he and his family were glad to be a part of it.

“If everybody would give a little something toward whatever trips their trigger, it would a better town for all of us,” Bradford said. “It’s a nice thing for our community. That’s what this is all about — our town, our area.”

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