2018 mid-term elections

NELIGH — Recall affidavits were filed Monday morning for two Antelope County commissioners who were elected in November 2018 and took the oath of office in January.

Tom Borer of rural Clearwater, who serves as District 5 commissioner, and Allan Bentley of Neligh, who serves District 3, were listed in separate affidavits submitted to the Antelope County Clerk’s Office.

Bethany Miller of Elgin submitted the paperwork for the recall of Borer, who also serves as chairman of the commissioners.

The statement for reason of recall alleges mismanagement of county funds, including money spent on an outside attorney after a Nebraska State Patrol investigation and misappropriate use of taxpayer dollars for unnecessary expenses, including “poorly timed projects.”

The final reason listed is “mistreatment of elected officials, including waging public wars, refusing to allow them to speak and making unethical comments toward other officials.”

Jack Allemang of Clearwater submitted the affidavit for Bentley’s recall.

In his statement, Allemang included the same list of reasons listed in the Borer’s affidavit, along with “sending residents texts with false information and blaming those messages on alcohol consumption.”

Antelope County Clerk Lisa Payne said service of summons can be made via personal service, delivery to residence or first-class certified mail.

“Once notified, they will have 20 days to submit a typewritten response, in 60 words or less,” Payne said, “but they don’t have to respond.”

After the 20-day response period has passed, Miller and Allemang will have 30 days to gather signatures.

Payne said 135 valid signatures must be collected to recall Bentley, while 203 must be gathered to recall Borer.

Those numbers represent 35% of ballots cast for each candidate during the November 2018 general election.

If enough signatures are verified, Payne will set an election date. She anticipates a potential recall could take place in November.

“None of this is concrete until it starts the actual process,” Payne said.

Bentley ran unopposed after defeating incumbent Eddie Schindler of Neligh in the May 2018 Republican primary. Borer defeated incumbent Leroy Kerkman of Elgin in the general election.

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