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EDITORIAL STAFF members did a taste test on different cookie dough ice creams.

Most everyone can agree that ice cream is the perfect summer treat.

But, not everyone can agree on which brand is the best.

To get to the bottom of it, the Daily News editorial staff took on the tough task of tasting a number of brands of ice cream — cookie dough ice cream to be exact.

The group of six tasted six national brands — Breyers, Blue Bunny, Ben and Jerry’s, Edy’s and Häagen-Dazs. They were asked to judge each on its flavor on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. They also were asked to leave comments. Tasting were Ashley Gracey, Jake Wragge, Kathryn Harris, Andrea Larson, Cole Bauer and Angela Henery.

First up is Breyer, which had a favorable review overall.

Dough actually tasted like raw cookie dough, though I’m not worried about salmonella,” Gracey said. “Ice cream was pretty subtle vanilla flavor. Chocolate chunks could be bigger.”

Gracey gave the ice cream a 7.

Others commented that it had a creamy texture and had a nice flavor.

“I like that they have nice chunky cookie dough bits, but there wasn’t much for chocolate bits,” Harris said. “Creamy texture, very white.”

Harris also gave it a 7.

The next brand, Blue Bunny, had one complaint — not enough cookie dough.

“Not as much flavor, lack of cookie dough. Chocolate chips were bitter,” Larson said, giving it a 3.

Henery liked it, though, giving it a 9.

“Cookie dough has a touch more salt. Much deeper vanilla flavor,” Henery said.

Ben and Jerry’s was a hit among the group. Gracey gave it a 9, saying the “vanilla was spot on” and the “cookie dough was tasty.”

Wragge, too, gave it a 7.

“Massive chunks of cookie dough. Ice cream is good,” Wragge said.

Harris said the ice cream had a very sweet flavor, giving it a 9.

“Good cookie dough chunks that are very sugary, good taste,” Harris said.

The only one who wasn’t overwhelmed with this brand was Larson, who gave it a 7.

“The cookie dough was soft and delicious,” Larson said. “The ice cream itself was mediocre.”

Speaking of mediocre, the least favorite brand of the day was Edy’s.

“This wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really anything. Nothing memorable,” Larson said, giving it a 5.

Wragge gave it a 3, calling it bland, while Bauer gave it a 4, saying the chocolate was bitter.

The only one out of the group who liked Edy’s was Harris, who ranked it at an 8.

“This has perfect balance of cookie dough/chocolate chip ratio,” Harris said.

And last but not least was Häagen-Dazs. For as pricey as it is, it didn’t fare too well, either.

Larson called the ice cream and chocolate chips “inoffensive.”

“Big chunks of cookie dough, but they didn't really have a lot of flavor,” Larson said, giving it a 6.

Wragge said the ice cream was all right and Harris said she wasn’t a fan of the overall flavor. Gracey agreed, giving it a 5.

“Cookie dough was salty. Vanilla flavor was meh,” Gracey said. “Chocolate chunks were decent.”

For Henery, though, this brand was the best.

“Almost nutty flavor. Tastes like dark chocolate,” said Henery, who gave it a 10. “Cookie dough chunks are much bigger and taste sweet with a perfect hint of salt.”

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