MADISON — As a group of school children visited the open class art building at the Madison County Fair here earlier this week, two students were able to view their own artwork on the wall.

Ainsley Pinkelman, a fifth-grader from Norfolk Catholic, had a first-place prize on her drawing that she created in her art class at school.

She looked up at her colorful work as she explained what her inspiration was.

“My teacher said to draw these shapes and try to make a tower on them, so I had this idea to make a playground,” Pinkelman said.

Her drawing consisted of numerous shapes of different sizes and colors all stacked on each other.

“So it’s kind of like a big playground, and then there’s these tiny people who are climbing all over it,” she said. “And then there’s a big hand. It’s a giant and it’s holding on to the playground.”

Although there are many parts to the picture, she doesn’t have a favorite section.

“I just like all of it,” Pinkelman said.

Ainsley said she likes it so much that she wishes it were a real playground to be enjoyed.

Although it can’t come to life, people can still enjoy Pinkelman’s work for the remaining time of the fair, which concludes Sunday evening.

“It’s cool,” she said as she saw people stop to look at her picture. “I just tried to make it fun and exciting.”

Another student from Norfolk Catholic with art up at the fair is Presley Hemmer, who is in second grade.

Hemmer has three pieces of artwork being shown, including a rainbow bunny and a cross. She made all of them during her art class at school where she came up with her own ideas and then received guidance.

“My teacher showed me what to do,” she said. “But I did all the work on my own.”

Although she likes all the art pieces that she has worked on, the rainbow bunny is her favorite.

“I just like bunnies,” Hemmer said with a smile.

The picture was full of color and also had her name written in bold letters at the bottom of the page. She said that orange was her favorite color, which she included in her display.

All of her submissions got either first or second place, indicated by a shiny ribbon attached to the design.

After all the hard work and time she put into her three pieces of artwork, she said that her family will hang them up when she gets to take them home.

Along with Norfolk Catholic, many schools in the area submit art to be shown in the art building. All the artwork is chosen by a teacher at the different schools.

“They get a key to the building and they come and hang up all the artwork before the fair starts,” said Peg Freudenburg, a fair worker.

There are hundreds of art projects on display, she said. The upstairs of the art building is divided by school to make it easier for each child to find his or her pieces.

Pinkelman’s exciting playground and Hemmer’s rainbow bunny will be on display in the art building, along with many other displays for all fair-goers to enjoy.

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