Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic

Physician Assistants Jose Nuño and Josie Clark, both of Norfolk, opened Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic on Verges Avenue earlier this year. Both are bilingual and look forward to serving the healthcare needs of patients in the Norfolk area.

Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic

1112 Verges Ave.


Medical providers and their background: Physician Assistants Jose Nuño and Josie Clark are the health care providers who will be taking care of patients at their newly opened Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic in Norfolk. 

Nuño grew up in Fremont and graduated from Midland University in 2013. He then earned a master’s degree in physician assistant studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. From there, he received the opportunity to work at Faith Regional Health Services in cardiovascular surgery, where he remained until the opportunity to start Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic arose.

Clark grew up in Kearney and went Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, before graduating in December from the University of Nebraska Medical Center as a physician assistant.

Clinic overview: Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic is a new, private medicine clinic that offers help with acute illness and chronic illness management.

“So acute things we would see are coughs, runny noses, bladder infections, cuts, sprains, bruises. More chronically, we manage a lot of diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease and any type of chronic disease,” Nuño said. “We’re also unique in that we offer medicine in both the traditional and virtual setting, so patients are actually able to get portal log ins and see us through telehealth services.”

Telehealth services are limited to certain types of disorders and illnesses based on the judgment of the providers, he said.

The clinic also provides pediatric and adult care, physical examinations, women’s health and men’s health evaluations. It offers in-house phlebotomy services and contracts with Lab Corps for its laboratory services.

What interested you in the medical field? Nuño said his mom, who worked as a caregiver for many years, provided a positive influence on his decision to become a medical provider. He began in the medical field as a certified nurse assistant, received his bachelor’s of nursing and then worked in pediatric intensive care before furthering his career.

Nuño and Clark both speak Spanish. Nuño said he has a desire to break the barrier for patients who speak only Spanish so he can provide services in their native language and “feel comfortable and be well-equipped in their knowledge to be able to handle chronic diseases. ... The direct interaction and relationship you can have with someone when you can speak their native language was a huge motivation for me to give back and provide services not only for English but Spanish-speaking patients.”

Clark said her interest in medicine came after speaking with the father of one of her best friends. He was an orthopedic surgeon who suggested she research the opportunities available as a physician assistant. “I started researching what it was like and what the profession entailed, and it fit a lot of the goals I had in life. You can switch specialties really easily in the PA profession. ... I could just see there was a lot of potential in that field,” Clark said.

When did the clinic open? April 2019

Hours of operation: 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday “to accommodate for the blue collar worker;” 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday; telehealth services can be accessed any time.

Number employed: In addition to Nuño and Clark, Ana Ramirez serves as the office manager; Destiny Morales acts as the clinic’s certified nurse assistant; and Roxanne Meyer works in billing and coding.

With which insurance companies do you work? Nuño said the clinic works with all major insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. The clinic is Vaccines for Children certified, so it offers immunizations for non-insured and under insured patients, he added. The clinic also offers direct primary care services through Strada Health, which is a membership-based program that works similar to concierge medicine, but does not offer housecalls.

“A patient can pay a certain fee every month to be seen an unlimited amount of times, and that includes discounted labs and discounted x-rays and other imagings,” Nuño said.

Why did you decide to open in Norfolk?

Nuño said he was initially drawn to Norfolk by the opportunity afforded by Faith Regional, and he realized, when the opportunity to open Nebraska Health and Wellness Clinic arose, that the Norfolk community was “welcoming and warm.”

“We thought our patients would be receptive to us,” he said. “There was a need, and we wanted to help fill that need and be there for our patients.”

What makes Nebraska Health and Wellness unique?

“I think its our staff,” Nuño said. “Everybody speaks Spanish, so there’s no need for an interpreter. That’s the biggest asset we can provide. We don’t use any interpreting services. That’s one of our assets besides being very tech savvy and tech friendly.”

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