Cruise Custom Golf Cars


Brothers Luke Kruse and Zach Kruse stand inside the showroom of Cruise Custom Golf Cars, which recently opened at 3301 S. 13th Street in Norfolk. The business offers luxury, customizable club cars for sale or trade.

Business overview: Cruise Custom Golf Cars offers luxury club cars for sale or trade. The cars are customizable, allowing owners to add desired accessories like stereos, wraps and custom colors or tires. The business also offers servicing of golf cars.

Owners/operators and their background: Cruise Custom Golf Cars is a subsidiary of Nebraska Harvestore in Norfolk, which is owned and operated by Rick and Kelly Meysenburg. Cruise Custom Golf Cars will be managed by the Meysenburgs’ sons, Luke Kruse and Zach Kruse.

Luke worked at the Norfolk Country Club in high school and during his first part of college. After college, he worked with the Nebraska Golf Association, traveling around the state to run amateur tournaments. He then worked in mortgage lending in Omaha, Lincoln, Denver and Las Vegas before returning to Norfolk to work for his stepfather at Nebraska Harvestore.

Zach said he has been playing golf since he was 7 years old. He went to Norfolk High School and Northeast Community College before moving to Kansas City, Mo., and working in the golf industry for more than nine years.

“We’ve always enjoyed golf,” Zach said.

“Our grandma used to drop us off at Kelly’s Country Club in the summers on her way to work in the morning, and she’d pick us up at lunch time,” Luke added. “It always clicked with us.”

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; Saturdays by appointment

Number employed: Six

When did the business open? June 7

Why did you decide to open this business? With parent company Nebraska Harvestore focusing heavily on agriculture-related equipment, the Kruses wanted to diversify. With their history in the golf industry, the Kruses said branching out into the area of golf cars seemed like a natural fit.

“It fit our model so we could diversify out of the ag market,” Luke said. “We had a big building that wasn’t being utilized, and it was a simple renovation. ...We had the interest in golf, and we had the mechanics, and it fit in.”

Zach added that the need for a local golf car dealer and servicer was growing in the area, and the addition of the business to the community fit a niche.

 “There is a need for it around here. If you look around here — at the members at Fairplay, El Dorado, Kelly’s, all of the surrounding golf courses — the majority of the members own their own golf cars out there,” he said. “Everything now is going online and you have to travel to Iowa or South Dakota. To have something local and to be club car certified, there was a need out there for it.”

What are you most excited about in regards to your new business? The brothers said they are excited to be back in the golf industry and to be in on the beginning of the business, which has incorporated skills of each of the family members, including their sister, who is in charge of the business’ social media and online presence. They also are excited about the idea of seeing the equipment they sell out on the golf course.

“Going out there and seeing somebody out there with one is going to be pretty satisfying,” Zach said

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