Andrew Allen

MADISON — The man at the center of three assault cases involving pepper spray has been jailed following an increase to his bond.

Andrew Allen, 37, appeared Tuesday in Madison County District Court here for a pretrial conference in one of the third-degree assault cases.

Allen has chosen to represent himself in that case, and he has requested a jury trial after pleading not guilty to the charge in June.

According to court records, Norfolk police officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Verges Avenue on May 24 regarding a witness who said he observed Allen spraying another male with pepper spray.

The witness, Bob Lowe with the Nebraska Probation Office, followed Allen until officers arrived.

Officers found Allen sitting on a curb and had contact with him. They also located two other witnesses who said they saw Allen and a victim yelling at each other in the street before Allen sprayed the victim.

The wife of the victim also spoke with police and described the events leading up to the pepper spraying.

She said two black juveniles had been walking in the neighborhood, and Allen, who is white, had yelled graphic racial slurs at the girls. The woman then said her husband yelled at Allen not to call the girls names.

She said Allen then called her husband, who is also black, a racial slur. The husband confronted Allen in the street, at which time Allen sprayed him with pepper spray, she said.

Yet another witness also told officers he had seen Allen spray the victim.

Officers had contact with the two juveniles, who said they did not know Allen and did not know why he was yelling at them. Both said they were trying to ignore him and just get away from him.

The report concludes with the officer stating that there had been numerous calls to police involving allegations of Allen using pepper spray against various people.

In court Tuesday, Judge Michael Long increased Allen’s bond from 10% of $4,000 to 10% of $10,000.

Allen has failed to appear for hearings on two other third-degree assault cases that were filed following the first.

In one of those cases, Allen is accused of using pepper spray against a man and a dog at Reynoldson’s gas station on 13th Street on May 21.

In the other case, Allen had a confrontation with a male near Eighth Street and Koenigstein Avenue on May 22. He is accused of using pepper spray on that victim as well.

On May 23, Allen was approached and confronted at the intersection of Ninth Street and Norfolk Avenue by 23-year-old Tiffany Robinson and 32-year-old Michael Paris, both of Norfolk. They confronted Allen about a previous altercation.

Norfolk Police Chief Don Miller said Allen then sprayed Robinson with pepper spray.

Robinson and Paris were cited for third-degree assault for having a physical confrontation with Allen, whose pepper spray was seized by officers.

Miller said in a press release that officers had multiple contacts with Allen, who had developed a pattern of initiating an altercation with a citizen on multiple occasions.

Allen’s criminal history includes convictions for harassment in 2008, for terroristic threats in 2013 and for third-degree assault and violation of a harassment protection order in 2017.

Following his pretrial hearing Tuesday, Allen was remanded to the custody of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office pending posting of bond.

He is scheduled on Aug. 29 for jury trial in Tuesday’s case. That day, Allen is also scheduled for a pretrial conference in the case involving charges from May 22.

Allen is scheduled for another jury trial on Sept. 27 for the case involving the incident that took place on May 21.

He has chosen to represent himself in all three cases.

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