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The City of Norfolk Water Division will be flushing hydrants from east of the flood control to Highway 35 and from Benjamin Avenue south to East Norfolk Avenue this Wednesday and Thursday.

Hydrants are generally flushed in the spring, but due to spring construction the hydrants in this area could not be flushed at that time.

The purpose of the flushing program is to remove the buildup of iron and manganese deposits that have collected in the water mains. The water is bacteria-free, but it is not recommended to consume the water if it is extremely discolored.

Those living in the area affected by the flushing program are encouraged to not perform any laundry tasks as this time. The isolation of ice machines is recommended to prevent any iron and manganese deposits from plugging the machines.

The City of Norfolk would like to thank you for your patience during the flushing program. For additional information, please call the Norfolk Water Division at 402-844-2210.

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