Court action

MADISON — No criminal conduct was found on the part of any individual — including law enforcement officers — in the death of a Norfolk man involved in a police standoff earlier this month.

Madison County District Court Judge Mark Johnson called a grand jury Tuesday to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Cory D. Dittman on Monday, June 10.

Madison County Attorney Joe Smith began presenting investigatory evidence regarding Dittman on Tuesday, and the grand jury completed its deliberations Wednesday morning.

The jury returned what is called a “no true bill,” which constitutes the finding that an indictment is not warranted, as sustained by the evidence presented.

In Nebraska, a grand jury must be called when an individual has died while being apprehended by or while in the custody of a law enforcement officer or jail personnel. The purpose is to investigate the death to determine if any charges should be filed against any person involved with the situation.

By law, the work of a grand jury is conducted in secrecy.

Dittman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after earlier shooting a Norfolk man and then holing up inside a residence near downtown Norfolk last Sunday for much of the day.

In other news

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