Water on roads

MADISON — The Madison County Sheriff's Office has reported water running over county roads in several locations on Wednesday, including Highway 275 east of Tilden.

Locations closed as of about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday were:


 * Madison County Roads have run out of barricades, flags will be used as an indicator of a road closed.

 * Highway 81 and Highway 32 Intersection in Madison to Humphrey.

 Closed Roads

* Burrows Avenue to 823rd Road on Highway 45 North of Newman Grove 

 * 839th Road between 550th Avenue and 551st Avenue

 * 539th Avenue between 831st  Road and 832nd Road

 * 835th Road between 557th Avenue and 558th Avenue

 * Highway 275 East of Tilden

 * 845th Road between 546th Avenue and 539th Avenue

 * First Street and Kaneb Road

 * North Victory and Nucor Road

 * 37th Street and West Omaha Avenue

* 37th Street and North Airport Road

* South First Street between 834th Road and 835th Road

* South First Street between 831st Road and 832nd Road

* First Street and Eisenhower

* Numerous Spots of water on the road between Norfolk and Battle Creek on 840th Road

* 553RD Avenue between 845th Road and 846th Road

* 844th Road between 550th Avenue to 549th Avenue

* Half Mile Road between 549th Avenue to 548th Avenue

* 547th Avenue between 846th Road and 845th Road

* 549TH Avenue and 833rd Road with Debris on roadway


Additional Closed Roads

* 840th Road between 544th avenue and 543rd avenue

* 843rd Road between 539th avenue and 546th avenue (Highway 121)

* 839th Road between 543rd Avenue and 540th Avenue

* 543rd Avenue between 839th Road and 840th Road

* 542nd Avenue between 839th Road and 840th Road

* 544th Avenue between 839th Road and 840th Road

In other news

Due to the devastation caused by recent flooding, the Village of Verdigre has created a Verdigre Disaster Relief Fund account at Pinnacle Bank. All donations will go to directly to helping victims of area flooding.

BEEMER — Highway 275 between Wisner and Beemer is closed because a portion of one of the lanes collapsed west of Beemer on Monday.

The identity of a missing Norfolk man was released at a press conference late Friday afternoon as law enforcement officers continue to search for him.

City of Norfolk officials had some good news Friday morning for residents and businesses affected by this week’s flooding.

The Salvation Army Norfolk Corps is helping with feeding operations at local shelters as the flooding continues.