Shoulda majored in finance!

A new survey of nearly 250,000 Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree by career and salary website PayScale found that two-thirds said that they had a major regret about their educational experience.

The No. 1 regret: student loans, which about one in four grads say they regretted, according to PayScale. Student loan debt now totals upwards of $1.5 trillion, up from $600 billion just 10 years ago. The average student who graduates with debt now owes about $30,000.

Your college major can be a big source of regret too, PayScale found. It was the second most regretted thing about the college experience, with more than one in 10 people saying their chosen area of study was their biggest educational regret. And the area of study that comes with the biggest side of regret: humanities. More than one in five people who majored in humanities — which includes specific majors like English and history — say they regret that choice.

Other research bolsters this finding, revealing that English in particular is the most regretted major, as MarketWatch previously reported.

In other news

Electric vehicles, it turns out, are among the least stolen, according to the HLDI, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The study gauges the frequency of theft, not volume. In other words, it measures how likely your car is to get stolen, regardless of the vehicle's sales.