A new Change.org petition proposes selling Montana to Canada for $1 trillion to pay off the national debt.

"We have too much debt and Montana is useless," the petition reads. As for getting Canada to go for the deal, "Just tell them it has beavers or something." It's garnered 1,000 signers since its launch. Many are from Montana 

People in Montana have questions: 

No. 1: How dare you?

Does Montana keep the nuclear missiles or what? 

Are you trying to hurt our feelings, man?

What do Americans do about the other $20 trillion in national debt? $1 trillion would only cover a year's federal deficit (projected to be $985 billion in 2019).

Does Canada have an extra trillion?

Would Montana still be named Montana or would we be Southern Alberta? Better Saskatchewan? 

Does the universal health care start right away or is there a waiting period?

Can we take Yellowstone National Park with us?

Why not Alaska? It's not even touching the other states!

Canadian football, really?

Is $10,626 an acre fair? Like some of those acres have skyscrapers. OK, one of those acres does. And 1 million of those acres are Glacier National Park.

Do we build a wall against North Dakota? Or pile snow there in a Game of Thrones situation?

How do we sign up for our share of the maple syrup supply?

Bilingual, blah, blah. Do we have to learn French?

What line comes after "O Canada!" in the national anthem? And then all the other lines?

How about Canada becomes North Montana?

How much to take North Dakota, too?

Montanans keep their guns, right?

Just, "woo, legal marijuana!"

Would this help the Missoula Curling Club get dedicated ice?

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