Cooks everywhere know the struggle of scrubbing away at a scorched pan.

However, there’s a new hack for cleaning a scorched frying pan. The trick was shared on popular Facebook group 5-Minute Crafts last month but has recently re-emerged on social media.

It involves nothing more than toothpaste, some hot water and a sponge - and there is no scouring brush required. Start by squeezing a hearty dollop of toothpaste in a circular motion around the center of cooled burned residue.

Next, take the damp sponge and begin to work the toothpaste into the black residue, working outwards in a firm circular motion. Edging the pan under, continue to wipe using the sponge, continuing with the circular motion.

The burnt residue on top of the pan should slowly start to come away. Finally, continue to wipe until the pan comes completely clean.

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