Your success depends a lot on where you live, as a new ranking by WalletHub demonstrates.

The site looked at the 100 biggest cities in the US and crunched dozens of metrics that fall under the umbrella of "recreation." Of note: That includes recreation of both the indoor and outdoor variety, with everything from parks to entertainment venues assessed.

Here are the top 10 cities:

1. San Diego: 58.27 score out of 100

2. Las Vegas: 58.14

3. Orlando, Florida: 58.13

4. Honolulu: 56.71

5. Tampa, Florida: 53.73

6. Atlanta: 52.90

7. Cincinnati: 52.20

8. Scottsdale, Arizona: 51.96

9. Portland, Oregon: 51.31

10. Los Angeles: 50.93

In other news

Electric vehicles, it turns out, are among the least stolen, according to the HLDI, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The study gauges the frequency of theft, not volume. In other words, it measures how likely your car is to get stolen, regardless of the vehicle's sales.