Most air travelers would agree: being a flight attendant is tough. But that job's even tougher because of the behavior of some passengers.

Like what, you ask?  Business Insider India asked flight attendants for the most annoying passenger behaviors, and while the results aren't ranked, they do offer some insights.

Perhaps the most alarming items to make the list are "underestimating the importance of a flight attendant's job" and "not obeying the seat belt light."  Sounds reasonable.

Also reasonable?  An Alaska Airlines flight attendant explained that they are "primarily trained in safety. Hospitality comes after that." Crew members are prepared to handle situations ranging from bomb threats to intoxicated passengers although, according to the attendant, there are some passengers who think the flight attendants are simply a wait staff. 

As for those who ignore the seat belt light, there is a very important caveat.

"It's one thing for a grown woman or a grown man to stand up...if you've got to go to the bathroom or something," explained a United Airlines flight attendant. "But a lot of times, it will be pretty bumpy and they'll let their two-year-old or their four-year-old just stand up and wander around the aircraft. Not only are you not listening, but you're putting your kid at risk."

Here's the complete list of the most annoying passenger behaviors, in no particular order:

- Keeping their headphones in during beverage service.

- Not obeying the seat belt light.

- Playing 'musical chairs' with seat assignments.

- Touching flight attendants to get their attention.

- Leaving a huge mess.

- Being impatient about getting rid of trash.

- Not acknowledging flight attendants during a conversation.

- Hitting the call button for no reason.

- Underestimating the importance of a flight attendant's job.

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