Burger Dogs

Here is some good old-fashioned patriotism right here . . .

A new survey asked people all over the world to name their favorite type of cuisine. And the #1 answer in the U.S. was . . . "AMERICAN CUISINE." Basically things like hot dogs, hamburgers, fast food, and barbecue.

91% of Americans said they like it. But the rest of the world thinks it's just okay. Only 68% of foreigners who've tried our food think it's good.  

The ten most popular types of food in the U.S. are American cuisine . . . Italian . . . Mexican . . . Chinese . . . Spanish . . . Japanese . . . Greek . . . French . . . Thai . . . and Caribbean food.

The ten most popular cuisines WORLDWIDE are Italian . . . Chinese . . . Japanese . . . Thai . . . French . . . Spanish . . . American in 7th place . . . Mexican . . . Indian . . . and Turkish cuisine. Food from Finland finished in last place. 


In other news

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