No word on how much reading and smartphone checking takes place while they do it, but a new study says the average British adult will spend over a year of their life in the restroom -- some 416 days.

The research also found that men and women are not in the bathroom for the same amount of time.  Women were found to spend slightly more time than men in the restroom; 29 minutes a day to 23. But that six-minute difference computes to about 83 extra days spent in the lavatory.

And yes, the research accounted not just for bathroom-related activities, but also for non-bathroom-related tasks, such as checking your Twitter.

U.K. home-goods store B&Q commissioned the study to launch a new line of bathroom products. 

But the lavatory inquisition also unearthed a few other statistics. Seven in 10 adults responded that it annoyed them to have to share a bathroom, while a third of those polled said what annoyed them the most was finding a finished toilet paper roll.

Ever wonder why mom or dad spends so much time in there sometimes? One in six respondents revealed that they use the bathroom to get some peace and quiet.

In other news

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