Rainbow Frappe

Starbucks is finally selling its new Tie-Dye Frappuccino after photos leaked last month. 

But only for a limited time, while supplies last. Which might only be a few days.

It's supposed to be tropical fruit-flavored, with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles on top. But the reviews are mixed. Some people say it's like banana candy. Others say it tastes like that white stick you get with a pack of Fun Dip. So yeah, it's sweet.

Apparently BARISTAS aren't thrilled though. Because it's a huge pain to make, and glitter gets everywhere. So if you order one, it might come with a little attitude. 

In other news

Summer is the time of year relaxing outdoors taking in the fresh air, watching children and pets at play, stargazing, or enjoying cookouts. But these idyllic moments can quickly turn to misery when uninvited biting mosquitoes ruin it all. 

While most people who partake say having the occasional drink helps their mood, researchers at the University of Hong Kong say foregoing booze altogether actually makes you happier.

You may have heard of the Impossible burger, the plant-based burger substitute designed to not only taste like the real thing, but to even "bleed" like it.  

Friends had a whole episode revolving around Pottery Barn – “The One with the Apothecary Table” – so in honor of the sitcom’s 25th anniversary, the furniture store is releasing an entire Friends-inspired collection.