Working Dad

Father's Day is Sunday, when the old man can kicking back and putting his feet up, but on Monday, it'll be back to work. That's why WalletHub wanted to know which states were the best for working dads.

Taking into account factors like salary, work/life balance, health, child care costs, and average length of work days, the site found that Massachusetts tops the list. Nearby Connecticut took second place, while New Jersey, Vermont, and Minnesota rounded out the top five.

At the bottom of the list was Louisiana, the worst state for those guys who act as parent and provider.  Other states that ranked poorly: New Mexico, Mississippi and West Virginia. Nebraska ranked 18th in the U.S.

Here are Wallet Hub's Top 10 states for working dads: 

1. Massachusetts 

2. Connecticut 

3. New Jersey 

4. Vermont 

5. Minnesota 

6. District of Columbia 

7. Rhode Island 

8. New Hampshire 

9. Washington 

10. Wisconsin 

And the bottom 10...

42. Georgia 

43. Alabama 

44. Arkansas 

45. Idaho 

46. South Carolina 

47. Nevada 

48. West Virginia 

49. Mississippi 

50. New Mexico 

51. Louisiana

In other news

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