No one was around to save Clark Griswold as he dangled from a roof while hanging up lights in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but a dummy representing the fictional character was nearly "saved" from a similar fate.

A family in Austin, Texas, based their Christmas lights display off the iconic movie scene for a neighborhood decorating contest, but the display may have been a little too realistic.

The family created a spot-on artificial analogue to Chevy Chase character. "Clark Griswold Jr." was dressed in Griswold's familiar flannel vest, baseball cap, jeans and "dad" sneakers.

Last week, as passerby Alfred Norwood, Jr. neared the home, he thought the dummy was actually a victim of Christmas decorating gone awry hanging for dear life.

Norwood could be seen in the home's front porch camera running up to the display, shouting to the hanging man, "Please hold on!"

The concerned good Samaritan then took the nearby ladder, which was carefully placed to look as if it were falling, and placed it near the dummy to assist him, the video showed.

"Can you reach it?" Norwood asked.

When the dummy didn't respond, Norwood then called out "Help!" toward the street and called 911.

Norwood, a U.S. military veteran, told KVUE that he "was trying to get him down" any way that he could.

The incident happened one day after the light display went up. Resident Leah Wheless told ABC News that Norwood was "the only one who stopped," although hundreds of people pass by the house every day.

The family gave Norwood a gift card to thank him for his good deed, even if it was all for naught.

They also put a sign asking people not to call 911, stating that "Clark G." is part of their Christmas display.