Here are the movies opening in wide release Friday:

I Can Only Imagine -- Newcomer J. Michael Finley stars in this drama based on the true untold story behind contemporary Christian band MercyMe's inspirational 2001 hit of the same name. Also starring Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman -- Rated PG

Tomb Raider -- The Danish Girl's Alicia Vikander takes on the role of Lara Croft, in this reboot of the 2001 film starring Angelina Jolie as the video game heroin. This time out, Croft embarks on a perilous journey to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance. Dominic West and Justified's Walton Goggins also star -- Rated PG-13

In other news

Pink and her husband Carey Hart have had just about enough of the parent police shaming them non-stop for how they choose to raise their two children, Willow and Jameson.

A man has been slammed online after he bizarrely spelled out his marriage proposal in mustard. 

It’s that time of year again when pumpkin spice starts taking over grocery shelves and restaurant menus.

The raunchy coming-of-age tale about a trio of 12-year-olds "Good Boys" is the first R-rated comedy in the last three years to open No. 1 at the box office.