NASA Fireworks

Just ahead of the Fourth of July, NASA is showing off an impressive fireworks display that really is out of this world.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope managed to take sublime images of a star known as Eta Carinae exploding 7,500-light-years from Earth, expanding with hot gases that are red, white and blue.

Eta Carinae has put on the celestial show before, with NASA noting the spectacular event started in the 1840s when the star went through what's known as a "titanic outburst, called the Great Eruption," which made it the second-brightest star visible in the sky for over a decade.

The newly discovered gas may be crucial to understanding how the star erupted and what might happen as it becomes a supernova and explodes. The researchers added that this event may have already happened, but the light has not yet reached Earth.

So it looks like we'll have at least one more incredible fireworks display, courtesy of the galaxy.

In other news

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