CBD Ice Cream

Want to ingest sugar while feeling very relaxed? Ben & Jerry's has you covered, if the FDA approves.

The Vermont ice-cream maker said Thursday it wants to sell ice cream infused with a hemp-derived compound called CBD. "You probably know that we're fans of all things groovy," the company says, "...so it's no surprise that we can't wait to get into the latest food trend." Only problem is that CBD, or cannabidiol, isn't federally approved for food and drinks. States and cities have enacted their own rules and regs— enabling Carl's Jr. to sell CBD-infused cheeseburgers in Colorado, for example—but Ben & Jerry's wants the nation-wide OK.

To that end, the company submitted a comment to the FDA ahead of its Friday hearing about legalizing CBD-infused products. FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless called the hearing an "important step" but said no decision is imminent. For those out of the CBD loop, it's made from cannabis but lacks the THC chemical that would make you "high." Advocates say it's medicinal for people with various problems, including depression and anxiety.

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