You may have heard of the Impossible burger, the plant-based burger substitute designed to not only taste like the real thing, but to even "bleed" like it.  

Now, Impossible Foods is turning their attention to fish.

The New York Times reports that researchers in Impossible's California lab have created an anchovy-flavored broth from plants. The team is using heme, the same plant-derived protein in its "meat" products, to fuel the fish flavor.

Consumers of plant-based diets cite its health benefits, while others do it out of a concern for animal treatment and environmental concerns.

"With respect to the urgency of the environmental impact, fish are second to cows, followed by other animals," Impossible's chief executive Pat Brown told the Times. "That’s how I view it, and that factors into how we think about priority."

There are also concerns that commercial overfishing is rapidly depleting the numbers of common food fish faster than the stocks can be naturally replenished.

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