Here's a reminder that sometimes there's more to a story . . .

A woman in Georgia recently posted a photo of a guy sleeping on a bench seat at a McDonald's near Atlanta, and shamed him for it. She said she complained about it to an employee, but they told her it was okay. Then the full story came out.

The guy's name is Simon. He's 21. And he's an employee at the McDonald's who recently became homeless. He also has a new baby he's raising, and his mom just passed away. So he's really been struggling.

But despite all that, he's still hard-working. And he was sleeping there between shifts while working a double, because he didn't have a car to nap in.

Once people heard about it, they wanted to help him. And when he showed up for his next shift, random strangers had dropped off diapers, clothes, and other essentials. Then someone offered to put him up in a hotel.

Because of the story, he's been getting job offers. So someone lent him their car to get to interviews.  And there's also a GoFundMe page under his name, "Simon Childs."

He says he's not even mad at the woman who posted the photo.  Because in the end, it's changed his life. 


In other news

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