Lightning struck a Soyuz rocket during lift-off! Watch the video....

In other news

With the wildfires raging out in California, and a guy shot video last week of the danger he encountered in the Porter Ranch area, which is a suburb of L.A.  He starts out by filming FLAMES and smoke coming from manholes in a grocery store parking lot. 

A dad captured his son Alex on video trying to express his frustration that his mom didn't kiss him goodbye before leaving for work! She lost some MAJOR mommy points there!

Lady Gaga's 2013 album "Artpop" has a very noticeable stain on it.  And that stain's name is R. Kelly. But the stain is about to be ERASED.  At least to the extent that it CAN be erased.

The success of Scottish director Steven Lewis Simpson's adaptation of the Minnesota Book Award-winning novel, “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” defies logic — Hollywood logic, that is.