No one is going to your Fourth of July cookout to eat salad. Really, no one.

The website Thrillist just ranked 30 popular cookout and barbecue sides from best to worst. It's not based on a survey or anything, just their staff's opinions . . . but it's hard to argue with a lot of it.

Their picks for the five best cookout sides are:  Potato chips . . . watermelon . . . mac and cheese . . . elote (EE loh tay), which is grilled corn covered in chilies, butter, and cheese . . . and biscuits.

And the five worst cookout sides are: Green salad . . . ants on a log . . . bean salad . . . ambrosia salad, which is fruit salad with marshmallows and whipped cream . . . and corn salad. 


In other news

The raunchy coming-of-age tale about a trio of 12-year-olds "Good Boys" is the first R-rated comedy in the last three years to open No. 1 at the box office. 

Friday was National Rum Day, and spirits company Brugal has the ultimate job offer.

Steve Miller Band have unearthed their song “Say Wow,” one of nearly 40 unreleased tracks destined for their upcoming Welcome to the Vault box set. The Miller-penned laid-back number  was originally recorded in 1973, the same year that saw the release of the band’s hit The Joker LP.