Cheetos Clothes

Was you body was shaped by Cheetos? Maybe you clothes should be too.

Well good news.....Forever 21 and Cheetos just announced they've partnered up to make an entire line of Cheetos CLOTHING. I'm talking shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, flip flops, socks, and more.

Oh yes!

There are men's and women's clothes available, and it's all on sale now at Forever 21


In other news

There are a lot of tiny particles of plastic in the food we eat and the water we drink . . . but all those tiny particles REALLY add up.

A little girl with a big heart is ensuring none of her classmates will ever go hungry by collecting jars of her favorite food combination, peanut butter and jelly.

Turns out our go-to option when we need a 'breather' is a place with VERY poor air quality . . .