A recent online poll asked people about a number of foods, and whether you store them in the fridge or not. And over half-a-million votes were cast. Here are eight random foods & where we stand . . .

1. Apples? 48% of us keep them in the fridge. 52% don't. Other fruits like oranges and lemons had similar results.

2. Ketchup, after it's opened? 88% refrigerate. 12% don't.

3. Bread? Only 25% of people said they store it in the fridge.

4. Peanut butter? 17% of people refrigerate it.

5. Avocados? 55% said yes, they store them in the fridge.

6. Tomatoes? 29% do NOT refrigerate them.

7. Eggs? 90% said yes, and 10% said they don't refrigerate. 

8. Butter? 86% store it in the fridge. 14% don't. 

(That's another tricky one, because a lot of people leave one stick of butter out to keep it soft.) 


In other news

The raunchy coming-of-age tale about a trio of 12-year-olds "Good Boys" is the first R-rated comedy in the last three years to open No. 1 at the box office. 

Friday was National Rum Day, and spirits company Brugal has the ultimate job offer.

Steve Miller Band have unearthed their song “Say Wow,” one of nearly 40 unreleased tracks destined for their upcoming Welcome to the Vault box set. The Miller-penned laid-back number  was originally recorded in 1973, the same year that saw the release of the band’s hit The Joker LP.